Boehunter Executive Search & Selection is a specialised agency committed to the meticulous process of identifying and securing leaders and building high-performing teams within the Healthcare sector.


Employing our proven methodology and leveraging off our successful track record in the Health Sector we are able to deliver to our client’s specific needs.


Our accomplished team comprises seasoned Senior Consultants and Researchers, each with more than two decades of experience in specialised Search & Recruitment. Many of our team members have held senior positions within the industry, adding a valuable layer of insight to their expertise. Holding qualifications in the relevant disciplines, coupled with strong commercial acumen, makes them adept at recruiting leaders and assembling teams across various Clinical and Non-clinical functions.


In the realm of leadership and management positions, we excel at identifying and placing individuals who are pivotal to steering the course of Healthcare organisations. These include, but are not limited to:

    • Chief Medical Officers (CMOs)

    • Chief Nursing Officers (CNOs)

    • Executive Director of Medical Services (EDMS)

    • Director of Medical Services (DMS), Chief Executive Officers (CEOs)

    • Chief of Nursing & Midwifery

    • GM/Director of Nursing (DONs)

    • Director of Clinical Governance


    Including highly specialised roles such as:

    • Surgeons

    • Radiologists

    • Anaesthesiologists

    • Psychiatrists

    • Cardiologists


    And other Medical Specialists, as well as front-line professionals, including:

    • Physicians

    • Nurse Unit Manager


    Our Search & Recruitment approach is carefully designed to ensure that Healthcare organisations are seamlessly connected with leaders who not only align with their values, but also exhibit a strong commitment to achieving organisational goals.


    Leadership and management positions are vital in the Healthcare sector, whether it’s in public or private institutions. We understand that building committed teams is a key component of achieving excellence. Our expertise extends to sourcing talent for executive and management roles, such as directors, department heads, and other crucial roles responsible for overseeing various aspects of Healthcare operations. It is through these individuals that committed teams of Specialists, Physicians, Nurse Unit Managers, and other Healthcare professionals are developed.


    Within the committed teams, we play a significant role in placing various Clinical and Non-clinical professionals. These professionals are the backbone of patient care and contribute to the overall success of Healthcare organisations.


    Non-clinical positions within committed teams encompass roles like IT professionals, HR specialists, Finance experts, and Compliance officers. These individuals play crucial roles in the efficient operation and strategic development of Healthcare institutions. The support they provide is essential to achieving excellence in patient care and overall Healthcare management.


    Boehunter’s Healthcare Search & Recruitment services are supported by an in-depth understanding of the unique demands of the healthcare industry and a vast network of highly qualified candidates. Our primary objective is to build not just teams, but high-performing and committed teams that drive growth and excellence within healthcare organisations. We emphasise that the success of committed teams starts with leadership, ensuring that Specialists, Physicians, Nurse Unit Managers, Registered Nurses, and other healthcare professionals work cohesively towards a common goal.


    Australia’s Healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, and the demand for specialised professionals, particularly in the following areas, has never been greater:

    • Mental Health

    • Telehealth

    • Aged Care

    • Genomic Medicine

    • Digital Health Technologies


    As awareness of mental health increases, the demand for experts in vital fields like Telehealth, Aged Care, Genomic Medicine, and Digital Health Technologies is also on the rise. These fields hold immense potential to transform Healthcare delivery and improve patient outcomes.


    At Boehunter, we understand the dynamic nature of these Healthcare sectors and are equipped to connect you with the professionals who will drive positive change in these growing areas, contributing to a healthier and happier Australia.

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